12. High School Transcript, School Report and Letters of Recommendation

Transcript and School Report

The transcript should contain all of your term grades since Form One. Here’s a sample tanscript that shows how a student’s grades may be presented. Please note that the transcript should be prepared on a school letterhead, bear the official school stamp and signed by an authority (usually the School Principal, but check your high school’s policy).

You’ll also need a School Counselor to fill in your school profile. If your high school has had a history of sending its students to the US, chances are there is a teacher who has already assumed the role of the School Counselor. In that case, approach him/her. If you’re the first one from your high school to apply to US universities, approach your Dean of Studies or Careers & Guidance Counselor, and request that they assume the role of the School Counselor.

The School Counselor is the one who uploads your transcript and your high school profile (for instance, the size of the graduating class, your rank in the class, your school’s resources, etc.). The School Counselor also writes you a letter of recommendation.

Teacher recommendations

Teacher recommendations give the college an unfiltered view about you from a third party. They reveal aspects about you that your test scores and application essays may not convey. For this reason, they should be taken really seriously. A majority of colleges will require two to three letters of recommendation from different people, mostly teachers and counselors. A few tips on getting good recommendation letters:

Uploading of Documents (Advice for your Recommenders)

My high school administers tougher internal exams compared to KCSE, such that my GPA is 3.73. Will that hurt my chances?

Admissions Officers try their best to understand your achievement in terms of your context. Your School Counselor gives information such as the highest GPA in the class, your rank, the school’s rank, etc.

This information, combined with your KCSE results and SAT/ACT test scores provide a more holistic view of your academic credentials.