13. Early Action (EA)/ Single Choice Early Action (SCEA)/ Early Decision (ED) & Regular Decision (RD)

There are four types of college applications that you can send:

Early applications indicate that you’re really interested in joining a certain school. However, there is a difference in the level of commitment:

You may have noticed that you only have about 2 weeks after receiving your results for your early application before RD applications are due. Therefore, have your ‘back-up’ applications ready to go even as you send in your early applications. Although there’s no limit to the number of RD applications, 8 quality applications suffice. Remember to spread out your choices as we advised earlier. It’s also costly to apply to many schools since there are application fees and also fees to send official test scores to the universities.

Note: For early applications, colleges will receive November SAT scores before they make their decision. Indicate on your application that you have incoming scores and send the SAT scores directly (don’t wait to see your scores first). However, we hope that you’re already done with your SATs by October.