16. Receiving Admission Decisions

It’s December. Your early application results are in!

The school will have sent you an email with a link to the decisions portal. The school can tell you one of four things: Accepted, Waitlisted, Deferred, or Rejected.

Scenario 1: Accepted!

Scenario 2: Deferred

Scenario 3: Waitlist

Scenario 4: Rejected

Rejection doesn’t mean that you were a bad candidate; you might not have been a good fit (e.g. you wanted to pursue Underwater Basket Weaving at Cal-Tech). Submit the other college applications & financial aid applications by the stipulated deadline.

3 months later…

It’s late March/ early April. Everybody is talking admissions and schools are bragging about how many perfect score students they turned down. The results come in quick succession, so we imagine this is an emotional moment for you. This time, there are no deferrals.


It’s possible to get all rejections. Talk about it with someone who cares about you. Don’t beat up yourself about it. If you want to, you may apply a 2nd time.

However, if this is your 2nd trial, then concentrate on a Kenyan university – it’s in your best interests to do so.