Psst! If you want to pay for essay reviews or a tutor, please read this section about the auction system and payments before filling in the form.

Paid Essay Reviews

In previous years, we've had a group of volunteers that review the essays for free. That will not change. However, we want to recruit more reviewers, some of whom may prefer to get paid in return for providing feedback. It is typical for reviewers to get paid; volunteering is not the norm.

Although we'll still maintain the general pool for free essay reviews, an applicant may opt for the paid version in order to:

College students typically earn $11/hr in their campus jobs. Providing feedback on a 500-word essay takes ~20min. A rate of $3.67 (370 KES) for such an essay makes sense.

Making Payments

We're only acting as a matchmaker between applicants and people that provide services to applicants. It's up to the two parties to coordinate payments.

Typically, the applicant will pay via mobile money to the essay reviewers' local mobile account.

If the paid services prove popular, we will build a system for accepting payments and also provide more support to the marketplace.